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LiveLeak Alternatives Exploring Varied Video and Photo Sharing Platforms

LiveLeak alternative sites are needed now that LiveLeak is gone. We live in a digital world where everything is online. This gave us the freedom to access any information we wanted. People often watched LiveLeak videos to get uncensored details and experiences.

But LiveLeak no longer exists. Not all other platforms match what made LiveLeak unique. No site may completely replace LiveLeak. But some alternatives come close by also avoiding censorship and having user-generated content.

With LiveLeak gone, you need to find a LiveLeak alternative to get the graphic videos and unfiltered information you want. Other sites may lack LiveLeak’s full sensory experience. But the right alternative can still provide similar raw, uncensored content. Do some searching to find a LiveLeak replacement that embraces freedom of information without restrictions.

Understand what is LiveLeak ?

LiveLeak was a video sharing website started in 2006. It let users freely share real world footage like war, politics, etc. People could upload controversial political videos. On the site, you could click “Recent Items” to see news videos. Or click “Must See” for hot and shocking videos.

But LiveLeak shut down on May 7, 2021. So we made a list of 6 alternative sites to watch the kind of shocking videos that were on LiveLeak.

These LiveLeak alternative sites let you see uncensored videos and news like what LiveLeak offered. They have user uploaded content with unfiltered real world footage. Some alternatives may lack everything that made LiveLeak unique. But they come close by avoiding censorship and showing graphic user-generated videos.

With LiveLeak gone, these sites are now options for unrestricted access to the raw videos and news you want. Check out these LiveLeak replacements to get similar real world content.

Here Is List of Top 5 Like LiveLeak alternative sites

1. Ebaum’s World

The entertainment website Ebaum’s World is known for its humorous videos, funny pictures, and memes. But beyond the comedy, Ebaum’s World also functions as a useful LiveLeak alternative for those seeking more shocking and uncensored content. The video section of Ebaum’s World can actually help meet that need for graphic videos missing since LiveLeak shut down. In addition to funny clips, this part of the site features user-uploaded viral videos, real world news events, footage of controversies, and other content you may have found on LiveLeak. Ebaum’s World still contains lots of lighthearted laughs. But its video section provides another option for unfiltered graphic videos in the absence of LiveLeak.

2. Youtube

LiveLeak alternative

Youtube is the video platform everyone knows, but many don’t realize it’s now considered a top alternative to LiveLeak. With its massive breadth of content spanning virtually every topic imaginable, Youtube offers videos for all interests. No matter what you feel like watching, Youtube has it available. This site goes far beyond just one niche or category. Youtube truly has all types of videos from all over the world uploaded by users.

Some exclusive graphic content requires age verification to view. However, don’t expect Youtube to showcase the same extremely uncensored videos and images that LiveLeak was known for. There are restrictions and limitations on overly graphic content on Youtube. You also need a Google or Gmail account to access and use Youtube. But despite some differences from LiveLeak’s content policies, Youtube remains one of the best substitutes available for those missing LiveLeak.

3. Flickr

LiveLeak alternative

The photo sharing platform Flickr is another alternative to consider in place of LiveLeak. Flickr existed as an image hosting site before the launch of Youtube, allowing users to endlessly browse and share photos. With recent updates, Flickr has now also expanded into video sharing, enabling uploads of videos up to 1GB in size.

You need to create an account on Flickr to fully access the platform and actively share your own photos and videos. Once signed up, Flickr provides a great place to save special life moments, locations, interests, and more through images and video. While Flickr does not host the same extremely graphic content that LiveLeak was known for, as a long-running photo platform now breaking into video as well, Flickr can serve as a useful substitute for the defunct LiveLeak. Just don’t expect Flickr to have violent uncensored videos – its focus remains more artistic and creative.

4. Leaked Reality

For those missing LiveLeak, the website Leaked Reality represents one of the closest alternatives out there right now. Leaked Reality’s home page conveniently provides lists of must-see videos, latest news videos, and other featured viral clips. The site also contains a News column where you can easily filter videos based on criteria like Most Recent, Most Commented, Added This Week, Added Today, Public, Private, and more. When it comes to video categories, Leaked Reality encompasses many diverse topics including accidents, police videos, crime footage, entertainment, global news happenings, military events, nature scenes, politics, religion, and much more.

While not an exact 1-to-1 match for LiveLeak, Leaked Reality still provides comparable real world content, controversy, and uncensored graphic videos. If your main draw to LiveLeak was the unfiltered shocking footage it provided, Leaked Reality can deliver many similar types of graphic videos. For LiveLeak fans missing that style of unrestricted uncensored content, this alternative is worth your consideration.

5. Daily Mail Online

For those missing the real world videos of LiveLeak, the news site Daily Mail Online is worth a look. Under its “Video” section, you can find many categories including trending news stories, TV and celebrity happenings, sports highlights, family entertainment clips, science reports, and more.

But beyond those, Daily Mail’s videos section also features a wide array of real world content and uncensored footage comparable to LiveLeak’s offerings. After selecting “Video” you can watch news videos spanning politics, global events, shocking moments, and graphic content within Daily Mail’s unfiltered approach. For a LiveLeak substitute with diverse news and raw videos, Daily Mail Online provides another quality alternative.


The article discusses various platforms as alternatives to LiveLeak, each with unique offerings. YouTube is noted for its extensive video content across categories, though with limitations on sensitive material. Flickr, initially a photo-sharing platform, now also supports video sharing.

Leaked Reality and Daily Mail Online provide a variety of news and categorized videos, while Veoh focuses on news videos with a handy filtering system. Ebaum’s World is highlighted for its entertaining and shocking content, presenting a mix of funny, news, and viral videos. Each platform requires an account for a personalized experience, and they all cater to different user interests, providing a range of options for those seeking varied content.

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