King Von Autopsy Report Reveals Details of Rapper’s Tragic Death

King Von Autopsy Report unveils a tragic end to a promising talent, revealing multiple gunshot wounds as the cause of death.

King Von, with his notable tracks such as “Took her to the O,” “Crazy Story,” and “How it Go,” among many others, carved a significant legacy in the music scene. His rise to fame was meteoric, but sadly, it was halted by his early demise. The song “Took her to the O” stands out with its fierce trap rhythm and haunting tune. King Von showcased an effortlessly impeccable flow in each of his songs. His departure was a loss to the music world, as he was on a promising trajectory to stardom. Delving into his extensive discography is something every music enthusiast should consider.

Who is Kon Von ?

King Von grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He was one of seven half-brothers and sisters. His dad was in jail most of his life and died when King Von was 11 years old. The song “Exposing Me” honors his dad’s memory.

When he was 16, King Von went to jail. This was the start of his legal troubles that continued throughout his life and music career. He made great songs with Lil Durk. Their music together helped make King Von very popular. His fame was growing fast before his sudden death.

His real name was Dayvon Daquan Bennet. He became famous as King Von with Lil Durk’s label Just the Family and later Empire Distribution. His music mixed honest lyrics and storytelling that people loved. Songs like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O” were big hits. His album Welcome to O’Block reached #5 on the Billboard 200 chart. This shows the huge impact of his music career.

How Kon Von Die ?

The report on what happened to the rapper King Von after he died was shared on November 10, 2020. It said that he died because he was shot many times. King Von had at least six bullet wounds: one on his right hand, three on his chest, and one at the back of his head.

King Von Autopsy Report The shot to the back of his head was the worst one. It went through his right eye and out the back of his head. The report also found some burnt powder on King Von’s skin, showing that he was shot from very close. The police didn’t say if they found any guns near King Von’s body, but people who saw it happen said he didn’t have a gun.

Police also said that King Von had drunk a lot of alcohol and taken some drugs before he died. His blood had more than double the legal limit of alcohol and also had traces of marijuana, codeine, and promethazine.

King Von was at an Atlanta nightclub with another person named Quando Rondo when they got into a big argument that turned into a shooting. Sadly, King Von was shot many times and died. After getting shot, he was taken to a hospital but was very sick and died there. He was only 26 years old. This shooting was very violent and scary. Three people died including King Von, and four others were badly hurt. The person who shot the gun was found out to be Timothy Leeks. King Von was buried in Chicago on November 14, 2020.

On the night of November 6, 2020, King Von got into a big fight outside a place called Monako Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. The fight got worse and there was a shooting. King Von and two other people died, and three more were badly hurt.

King von Autopsy Report Details Here


King Von was an amazing rapper. Sadly, pictures from his autopsy were shared after he died. Seeing King Von lying there makes you want to cry. We at Rock the Hip Hop loved King Von and his music. We always believed in him. It’s heartbreaking to see what happened.

A few days after King Von died, the Fulton County Medical Examiner released a report. The report said King Von died after being shot multiple times. The autopsy found at least six bullet wounds: one on his right hand, three on his chest, and one in the back of his head. The head wound, which went through his right eye, is thought to be the one that killed him.

The autopsy also found burnt powder on King Von’s skin, meaning he was shot at very close range. Tests showed alcohol and drugs like marijuana, codeine, and promethazine in his body. About a week later, a shocking photo of King Von’s autopsy was shared online. It showed many stitches on his chest and body. His sister Kayla was very upset and blamed whoever shared the picture.

While some people shared the shocking autopsy photos online, King Von’s fans found them really upsetting. The pictures brought back the awful reality of how he died, which greatly hurt his fans.


The tragic and untimely death of King Von sent shockwaves through the hip hop community. Despite his legal troubles and involvement in street violence, his raw talent and potential for greatness were undeniable. The autopsy results provide a sobering account of the horrific injuries that ended his life and career far too soon.

While the leaked autopsy photos caused additional pain for his grieving family and fans, they do not define King Von’s legacy. What remains is his formidable catalog of music that blended catchy beats, slick wordplay, and compelling storytelling. Songs like “Crazy Story” and “Took Her to the O” cemented his status as an up-and-coming force in rap.

Though he was just 26 years old, King Von managed to leave an indelible impact during his short but brilliant career. His unique sound and perspective on life in the streets captivated audiences. While the hip hop world continues to mourn his loss, King Von’s spirit lives on through his timeless music and the talent he inspired in others. His tragic end serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address the violence plaguing urban communities.

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