Who is currently Dixie D’ Amelio’s boyfriend ?

Dixie D’ Amelio is popularly known as Dixie Jane D’ Amelio. She is a famous American singer who appears on social media as well. Amelio is a creative lady known for her videos on TikTok; she is one of the young uprising stars. Amelio is just 21 years old. Dixie D’ Amelio was born in the United States of America. Her talent and creative skills encourage the youngster to follow her on social media. Around 57.5 million people follow Amelio as one of the admirable figures.

The audience’s interest and curiosity to know whom Dixie Jane D’ Amelio is dating is the reason behind writing this article.

Dixie D' Amelio's boyfriend

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In 2020, the news about Dixie D’ Amelio and Noah Beck’s connections became viral. Before Beck, Amelio was dating Griffin Jhonson, a well-known TikTocker. The pictures posted by Amelio on her social media account are evidence of her past relationships. Beck and Amelio became public about their relationship in May October 2020. The reason behind hiding their relationship status was their age.

Later, in one of the interviews, Beck made it clear that Amelio was scared of the public’s opinions and comments after breaking her first relationship. Because of this, she wants to keep her second relationship more private. Beck’s constant words make it clear that Amelio and he is in love with each other. Amelio and Beck were spotted enjoying their good times together. The memories they created reflect on the images they share on their profile.

This sweet journey came to an end in November 2022. Beck confirmed that they mutually decided to separate after two years of dating. However, they break their love story but remain connected to each other as good friends.

After the breakup with Beck, Amelio was affected mentally and emotionally. She is single and has no plans to be committed to any guy. She wants to dedicate this time to herself and her growth.


Amelio is a talented young American singer appreciated for her marvelous work worldwide. She had various relationships, but none seemed to work for a long duration. No update has been made about her relationship status, which leads us to assume that Amelio is single and not committed to any other man.

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