Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer Garners more than 14.4 Million Views

The official season 5 Yellowstone trailer has garnered more views than any other trailer in the show’s history. The show, developed by Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water), centers on a Montana ranch patriarch who must protect his property against corporate encroachment. It debuted in 2018 on The Paramount Network.

The sitcom has consistently garnered high ratings, with season one averaging approximately 2.1 million viewers in the United States and season four averaging over 7.75 million. 

The premiere of Season 5 of Yellowstone is set for Wednesday, November 13. Next season will focus on the fallout of Costner’s character, John Dutton, obtaining the governorship of Montana and thereby denying his son, Jamie, the chance to serve (Bentley). Dutton has inflamed anger within his own family, and now his adversaries are swarming the governor and his property like never before.

Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer

According to Deadline, Paramount’s season 5 Yellowstone trailer was released six days ago and has already amassed 14.4 million views and 1.7 million interactions in its first full day. This is three and six times as many as the respective figures for the season four trailer’s debut. 

Meanwhile, the Yellowstone season 5 teaser climbed to the top spot on TikTok’s popularity charts and the number two spot on Facebook’s trending videos. Watch the trailer here.


Yellowstone Season 5 Plot

Beth connives her way into a visit to Jamie’s alleged biological father by pretending to be his wife. As Beth follows the paper trail to Riggins, he repeats to the “other person” what he told Beth: that he was only a go-between in the Dutton assault. That other guy’s name is Jamie. Beth, now equipped with this information, decides to take a direct approach. She kidnaps a priest, with the help of John, Clark, and Lloyd, and forces him to marry her and Rip.

After Jamie verifies the hit, she confronts him with the pistol and offers him some unfavorable alternatives. By providing him with one more option, Beth allows him to escape.

To What Extent Will Season 5 of Yellowstone Be Received by Viewers?

These staggering figures demonstrate the meteoric rise in popularity of the series, suggesting that season 5 of Yellowstone might achieve the show’s best ratings ever. Ratings in the 10-11 million range are possible if the show’s popularity continues to rise at its current rate of expansion. Given the meteoric rise in anticipation between seasons 4 and 5, however, season 5 might even break records.

Since its debut, Yellowstone has attracted a steadily increasing number of fans. Season 5’s ratings, on the other hand, might benefit from the widespread curiosity around the show’s many spinoffs. Yellowstone’s second spinoff, 1923, hasn’t even premiered yet, but it’s already getting a lot of buzz because of its all-star ensemble.


In other words, what did Kayce see?

One popular fan theory connects Kayce’s vision quest to a passage from the Yellowstone prequel 1883, in which an indigenous elder promises that his family would own the area for seven generations before the natives may return for it.

To whom or what was the memorial tribute at the conclusion of Yellowstone Season 4?

Buster Welch, who played himself in the fourth season of the Paramount Network drama, has been remembered fondly in a moving Instagram post by the show’s official account. Even after the famed cutting horse trainer’s death, accolades continue to pour in from fans and cast, and crew members of Yellowstone.

In the last act of Yellowstone, what did Casey witness?

At last, the wolf communicates with Kayce via the girl, who guides two challenging ways, both of which are out of the camera’s range.

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