Yellowstone season 5 Release date, How many episodes are to come?

Paramount Network’s lone original written series is Yellowstone, but the network doesn’t need it anymore. The program has been a rating phenomenon, with an astounding 11 million average viewers turning in each week. 

It was the top cable and premium. Even more predictably, Paramount quickly renewed the show for a fifth season and promoted guest performers to regular series status. Everything you need to know about the upcoming 5th season of Yellowstone is listed below.

Is Yellowstone Season 5 in the works?

Yellowstone, written by Taylor Sheridan and starring Kevin Costner as ranch patriarch John Dutton, follows the Dutton family as they battle property developers, an adjacent Indian reservation, and other adversaries to preserve the family’s history.

The revamped network (previously known as Spike TV) debuted the contemporary Western in 2018, and it immediately struck a chord with viewers. The Dutton family, who live in Montana and own the biggest continuous cow ranch in the United States, go through a lot in this show.

How many episodes are to come?

Absolutely! Paramount’s decision to order a fifth season was a foregone conclusion. Season after season, the highest-rated program of the year on television continues to draw in new viewers. Similar to its offshoot series 1883 and future series 1923, it has the greatest ratings of any television program on a cable network at the moment.

In a previous interview with Deadline, Taylor Sheridan said that production would begin in May of 2022, so this piece of information follows along.

Season 5 of Yellowstone release date?

On Sunday, November 13, Yellowstone will launch on the Paramount Network and mark the Duttons’ return to the network. Midway through February, Paramount Network made the split season 5 premiere announcement.

At the beginning of the preview, we hear John Dutton take the oath of office as governor of Montana, promising to defend before cutting to a shot of a few of his most vocal detractors. A montage depicting the subsequent anarchy and “battle” then follows.

Where I Can Stream Yellowstone Season 5?

Season 5 of Yellowstone will launch on Paramount Network and the Paramount Network app for cable users. All of the Yellowstone spinoffs, including 1883, will be accessible on the new Paramount+ streaming service, although the program is not yet available there. For the time being, Peacock users may forget about it, too.

Final Thoughts

The trailer’s last sentence, “Power has a price,” is ominous and suggests consequences. There was a teaser trailer published earlier this year, and this one is the sequel.

Moreover, if you’re curious about the likelihood of future spinoffs, On the red carpet at the 2022 Oscars, Costner said, “I have no doubt there’ll be additional spinoffs.


Will Paramount Network air another Yellowstone marathon?

On extended holiday weekends, the Paramount Network often airs marathons. In case you missed it last Fourth of July, this is your opportunity to watch all four seasons of Yellowstone in one sitting. 

When will Season 5 show on Paramount?

Paramount will premiere the first episode of Season 1 on Saturday, July 2, at 11 a.m. ET, and will continue airing the show every day until 1 a.m. ET, before starting back up again the following day at 11 a.m. Read the notice at the URL below. 

Is season 5 bringing something new?

Season 4 ended on a number of cliffhangers, and this new teaser ominously entices by superimposing ” over the faces of some of our favorite characters.

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