Yellowstone Season 5 Existing cast will be joined by newcomers.

Having 14 new episodes available instead of the customary ten will make the wait worthwhile. The fifth season will be broadcast in two parts, each consisting of seven episodes; however, the second part has not yet been scheduled for broadcast. “We’ve touched a cultural nerve—from the middle of the nation to each of the coasts—and still have tons of potential to develop on a linear basis,” said Chris McCarthy after the season finale of Yellowstone drew in over 11 million people.  The success of 1883 and the Mayor of Kingstown shows that our plan to turn Yellowstone is on the right track to driving development for Paramount+.

The returning cast will be joined by newcomers.

The returning cast, led by Kevin Costner, will be joined by newcomers. First things first: John Dutton, or Costner, isn’t going away.  Some “Yellowstone” fans, upon hearing that Josh Lucas would reprise his role in Season 5 on the Paramount Network, assumed that this meant the end of Costner’s time at the Dutton ranch.

yellowstone season 5 cast

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Yellowstone Season 5 cast

  • Kelly Reilly portrays Beth Dutton, John Dutton’s tough-as-nails daughter, whom Reilly calls a “fearless tempest of a lady.”
  • Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes, is Dutton’s child and a Livestock Commissioner who went through a cleansing procedure for three days to cope with previous traumas at the conclusion of Season 4.
  • Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), adopted by John, has a tumultuous connection with his biological siblings.Rip Wheeler, Beth’s reliable husband, is played by Cole Hauser.

Tate, the son of Brecken Merrill’s characters Kayce and Monica, is a young man. A lot has happened to him during the last several seasons: When the kidnapper tried to harm his mother, the small child pulled out a gun and murdered him.

  • Jefferson White plays Jimmy, a former Dutton ranch hand who became engaged to Emily and was given permission by John to relocate to 6666 Ranch.
  • Lloyd, another inhabitant of the Dutton ranch bunkhouse, is portrayed by Forrie Smith. Colby, a ranch worker at the Dutton property, is played by Denim Richards.
  • Ryan, the Dutton ranch’s livestock agent, and ranch worker is played by Ian Bohen. The actor told TV Insider that he hoped for Season 5 to bring about a love relationship for his character and to see him develop as an individual apart from the ranch.
  • Under this role, Finn Little portrays Carter, a difficult little kid who has been in Beth’s care ever since his father’s death.
  • Walker, a former inmate and current employee at the Dutton ranch, is played by Ryan Bingham.

Final thoughts

John Dutton says, “We’ll show as images of Beth, Kayce, Jamie, and Rip flash on the screen. It concludes with a message to the audience, promising that “everything will be disclosed” in the subsequent episodes.


Where can you watch these new episodes of yellowstone online?

There are a few places online where you may watch Yellowstone, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned viewer wishing to catch up or start from the beginning. The whole Yellowstone series is available on Peacock TV.

Who are the additional new members in the cast?

In the fifth season, we’ll meet some brand-new characters. Rowdy, a young cowboy, is played by Kai Caster. Clara Brewer, the Duttons’ new helper, is played by Lilli Kay.

Can I get Paramount Plus for free if I have Amazon Prime?

Yes you can. The Amazon Prime Video app provides instantaneous access to all of the available content. 



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