GOODFELLAS ‘ RAY LIOTTA DIE at the age of 67

RAY LIOTTA was born in New jersey , on December 18, 1954. Having been abandoned at an orphanage, he was adopted at an orphanage, he was adopted at the age of six months by township clerk Mary and Auto-parts store owner Alfred Liotta.

Ray Liotta known for GOODFELLAS, has died suddenly at the age of 67. Liotta tragically died in his sleep at a hotel in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC , where he was shooting a new movie DANGEROUS WATER. 

Scorsee said in a statement:”I’m absolutely shocked by the sudden death of Ray Liotta. He was so uniquely gifted, so adventurous, so courageous as an actor.”

Liotta showed a warmer side , endearing himself to audiences as the ghost of baseball gaint shoeless Jeo Jackson in “FIELD OF DREAMS”, opposite Kevin Costner.

His most memorable role ,perhaps, was as real-life mobster Henry Hill in the 1990 film “Goodfellas,” which cast him opposite heavy hitters Robert De Niro and Jeo Pesci.

Robert De Niro said that: I’ll always be proud of the work we did together on that picture. “My heart goes out to his loved ones, and it aches for his loss, way too early “. 

De Niro said that “I was very saddened to learn of Ray’s passing. He is way too young to left us.”

GOODFELLAS RAY LIOTTA will be always rembered and will be always in everyone’s heart .



18 DECEMBER 1954-26 MAY 2022

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