Where is Candace Wheeler Georgia – From A Normal Housewife To A Murderer.

Recently Betty Gore’s murder case 1980 has been talk of town due to premier of ‘Candy’ in Hulu. The show highlights horrific details of Betty’s murder by her close friend  Candace Wheeler Georgia.  Candace was accused for her close friend’s murder , she was acquitted in 1980’s October because she acted in self defence due to Betty’s violent threat . The role of Candace is played by the American actress Jessica Claire Timberlake and Betty’s role by the New Zealand actress Melanie Lynskey.

Candace was married to Pat Montgomery and had two children with him where as Betty was married to Allan Gore and had two daughters, both families were close friends , Betty was a middle school teacher and her  was  around 41 years at that time. Problem started when Betty suspected romantic relationship between her husband Allan and Candace. When Betty confronted Candace regarding her alleged affair with Allan she denied it initially. Later on local cops discovered Betty’s dead body which was axd 41 times. Cops took  Candace under their custody On June 27 1980 ,  investigated her for few days and later she was accused of murder. In her defence Candace stated she wasn’t guilty and killed Betty in her self defence. The trials went for days and were subjected to town’s  hottest topic for quite some time.  During her testimony in court Candace  claimed that her affair with Allan Gore was physical , no emotions, no attachments and no response was included , Allan agreed to this after weeks of deliberation. After some time Allan realised he  needed to spend more time with his wife and ended things with Candace in 1979. Candace claimed she only attacked Betty after their argument was turned violent and latter tried to attack her with an ax , Candace then searched for a weapon and got a hold of it and stroked her in self defence. Jury found her not guilty in October 29 1980.

No one would have ever imagined that a petite woman like Candace would be able to hold a three foot axe and attack someone. After years of this case Candace divorced her husband Pat after they relocated in Georgia for a new start , since then Pat has preferred his distance from any limelight and is living a peaceful life . As for Candace she is now a health for families with her daughter in Unites States and living a life of ordinary citizen.

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