Severance Episode 7 Recap and Review – The Danger Ahead

Things are moving fast in Severance. The company’s innings held by Luman finally frazzled away. Episode 7 is the most intense episode of the season. There involves a lot of action, and it combines most of the episode’s scenes. Mark met the lady who helped to fix Outtie and Innie for Petey. He understood that the procedures involved in it were threatening. But the lady convinced him by mentioning that is Petey’s fault for not correctly doing things after the operation.

Many things turned out to be violet in this episode. The audience knows what is at stake if Mark continues the procedure. But they didn’t mention anything accurately of riskier things to proceed with it. The episode gives an excitement of knowing the dangerous stuff involved in the procedure.

The episode shows that something is going to end up in danger. Ms Cobel showed Mark’s sister how to latch her daughter in breastfeeding. This scene was quite tense. But so far, the baby and the mother are not in danger as per the episode. But it shows that they are also involved and committed to the procedure, particularly when Luman continues to lose the grip.

In the office, things got rolled out of control. Milchick was worried much about the card and its face value, but later, it meant nothing dangerous came out of it. The Innie sensed what the world of Outtie would be like. And Innie is not comfortable with it. Dylan’s Innie feels that the company is getting hold of him as a hostage and taking away his son from the dealings. He feels good about the son being left out of all the issues.

But this didn’t explain much of the things why it is going wrong. The audience knows that Mark is not the only one who went through the procedure, but the Outtie and Innie do the same thing. The causes of the guidelines will slowly come out to the lights.
Burt’s Outtie gave an enormous retirement speech that was seen on television. He mentioned that he never forgets any of them, even though he couldn’t recollect any memory of being with them.

Then Irving felt sad about Burt leaving the office and asked the entire room fiercely about leaving Burt to die. The speech Burt gives to Milchick is the most exciting scene in the episode.

Mark has their battle to fight. His personal life is also not going smoothly as he expected. Things that were going with Petey are also not being smooth. He faces a lot of problems with his relationship and his procedure. His new relationship is also not clear for him since he faces difficulties ending the old one. The episode took the audience to the excitement of knowing what’s next. The show ended by showing Mark’s wife with a song that might be present in the last episodes. The struggles going through by Mark are pretty fascinating for the audience since it hinders the feelings.

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