Your Smart TV Can Be a Stealthy Spy, According To FBI

Like a lot of people, you may have brought home a feature-rich smart TV, buoyed by the holiday discounts and lucrative schemes doled out by e-commerce sites or various brands. If it is so, you have reason to be cautious, as per the FBI. FBI is of the view these smart TVs are capable of spying into the lives of the users, stealthily. Without the users being aware, such as Smart TVs, can be used to get unauthorized access to their home computer networks. Smart TVs, now sold by almost all leading brands, including Samsung and Sony, enable the users to much more than just watching TV channels. These TVs are internet-enabled, and using these; you can do a lot of online activities that are possible with the PC and smartphone. These TVs also support voice command and digital assistants now. However, the FBI thinks these TVs come with loopholes that are yet to be known.

Smart TVs come with microphones and cameras, and some of these also feature advanced facial recognition. However, the manufacturers are yet to equip these TVs with robust security features-thinks the FBI. It also thinks the security loopholes in these TVs are at risk of exploitation by hackers and cybercriminals. Once the hackers gain access to the home router using smart TVs as gateways, they can do a lot of things. They can show inapt channels to the kids and use the device’s camera and microphone to sneak into your private life.

It is a fact that hackers are increasingly targeting IoT devices. Reports of hackers targeting smart fridges for mining Bitcoin and hiking energy bills have poured in already. To tackle the hidden safety risk of their smart TVs, the users need to understand all features in such devices- says the FBI. It also thinks that in the near future, malware will be developed targeting these TVs specifically. The users can also cover the cameras when the devices are not in use- as a safety measure.